Where DIAKI Experiences Began

This adventure started in 2015 in a conference room at National Defence Headquarters, at a meeting that both Christine and I attended.  This was the first time I met Christine.

‘’I was going through a hard time after losing my second unborn child.  A colleague of mine had asked why I was not wearing my maternity uniform anymore and when I explained why, I noticed Christine listening to my story with an empathy that I had rarely seen before. I could see the compassion in her eyes as she actively listened to what I was saying. I was truly moved by it.’’ (Diane)

“Listening to Diane speak, I could feel Diane’s suffering. As I had also lost a child at birth, I felt I needed to share my story with her to let her know that she was not alone. Sharing my story may have helped Diane, but in reality, it also helped me.’’ (Christine) A strong connection was born between us that day, thanks to our little angels, Pierre-Luc and Dominique.

Our common sorrow and grief helped us bond together, both as mothers and friends. That chance meeting, and our ability to connect to each other on such a deep and personal level, founded a life-long friendship.

Since our retirement from the Canadian Armed Forces, we understand that the thing that we miss most was leading teams and making a difference in people’s lives. It was after we both became certified as Coaches and NOVA Consultants, that we realized that we would have truly benefited from such a tool early on in our careers. We also knew that such a tool could make a huge difference in an organization’s ability to choose leaders, and while also allowing leaders to better draw upon their own team’s potential. We knew we wanted to give back and contribute to the growth of talented leaders. DIAKI Experiences was born!