Communication is at the heart of every aspect of our lives today.  We constantly seek connection and inspiration. Storytelling has always been and continues to be a very powerful form of communication that has survived the test of time. Stories teach us about life, ourselves, and each other.

Do you want to inspire your team? We love sharing our experiences – the good, the bad and even, a few of our war stories. You read that right, war stories! With a combined 60 + years of leadership experience leading teams with the Canadian Armed Forces around the world, we definitely have a few war stories to share. But don’t worry, we only share the spicy ones that get a good laugh and resonate with our audience.

Sharing our stories is a means of connecting with our audience. We are not your typical guest speakers. DIAKI’s conference workshops are designed with audience participation in mind. Participants will leave our conference workshops feeling energized. They will also have learned strategies to develop the reflex to acknowledge the other.

DIAKI conference workshops are offered in different forms:

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