In this program, you will take awareness of what you bring to the table as a team member and develop a greater understanding of the relationship style you employ with your teammates. You will also gain a better understanding of your team members and develop greater empathy, which will assist you in finding ways to approach differences and resolve conflict and tension.

By working with a personal coach, you will work on your personal accountability and learn how to better collaborate with your team members, increasing your contribution and collaboration, and team efficiency overall.

Most importantly, this training offers your team the opportunity to deepen team dynamics and improve role-based relationships by fostering creativity, leading to greater efficiency and overall team satisfaction.


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We believe that every team member can be an architect of change. The aim of this program will have a lasting impact on your team. The program offers a balance of self-reflection, small group work and team discussions.

Working at both the individual and the team level concurrently permits every team member to contribute to an enduring change of culture. Our training is grounded in Psychological Safety, which will allow all participants to feel comfortable just being themselves.

We break the ice with the One-on-One Nova Profile Debriefing. Leading off with this individual work greater empowers individual team members to be fully engaged during the Team Sessions. At the end of the program, your team will possess many tools to continue learning and growing, both as individuals and as an overall team.

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