Optimize your Team C2 (Communication & Collaboration) 1 Day Workshop


Embark your team on a journey of self-awareness with our impactful Optimize your Team C2 Workshop —ideal for personal and team development, available in-person or online. Each participant receives a personalized NOVA Profile Insight Session before the workshop, expertly guided by our coaches, unraveling strengths and collaborative tendencies.

Recognized as a thoughtful gift for teams, this workshop transcends traditional team-building. Engage in interactive sessions, empowering you to navigate differences with finesse. Spark personal and collective growth, enhancing contribution and collaboration for tangible improvements in overall team performance.

Uncover your team's full potential through this unique opportunity, boosting functionality for a more satisfying team experience.


Workshop objectives


Awareness of others
Improve Communication and Collaboration within the Team 

  • 7.5 hours of training In-person or Online  
  • 1.5 hours of One-on-One Coaching

    Workshop Agenda

Our Approach

Engage in our One-on-One NOVA Profile Debriefing to break the ice, enabling participants to discover themselves and elevate self-awareness.

Throughout a day spent with their teammates, this workshop fosters the growth of self-awareness, raises awareness of others, and offers a unique bonding opportunity for any team. Anticipate a day filled with diverse experiences and abundant laughter. Elevate your team dynamics with us!

This workshop is for your Team if…


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