In today’s fast-paced world, organizations seek to have effective, productive, respectful, and fun teams that both welcome and overcome any challenge. Collaboration amongst team members leads to saving in time, money & energy. How do you achieve optimal team synergy?

Each organization has different needs, and we understand that! We have led people in locations as diverse as the Canadian North all the way to the Balkans. We realize that leadership will vary depending upon the individual and the environment in which they are leading.  With our combined experience in leading teams, we help our customers build effective and productive teams that can take on any challenge, regardless of the environment. Our 4 Cs model is the starting point to achieving group synergy and optimize organizational efficiency.




Each live or virtual workshop is tailor-made, to suit the specific needs and challenges of each team. DIAKI’s expertise and out of the box method will leave teams with a renewed understanding of their strengths and their potential. Each participant will also benefit from a practical, co-created communication tool that they can use at their workplace.


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