Using Our Experience To Benefit You

With more than 60 combined years of leadership experience, 56 while serving in the Canadian Armed Forces all the way to the executive level, the members of DIAKI have developed an appreciation for teamwork. They realize that leadership is a privilege and they have both had the incredible privilege of leading people in diverse, highly challenging, and sometimes austere environments around the world.

From the mountains of Afghanistan to the offices of Ottawa, from the management of a $5.5 billion budget to the planning and coordination of logistics operations of more than 2,000 troops and 725 vehicles, the secret to their success has always resided in their personable and empathetic leadership style and their remarkable ability to draw the best out of every team.

The members of DIAKI have built effective and resourceful teams that were successful in operations. These teams were successful due to their diversity, strong team spirit, strong interpersonal relationships, and the level to which they were empowered by their leaders. We can help you to build a successful team too!

We are passionate about leadership, teamwork, and operational effectiveness. We offer our clients a rare opportunity to pause to develop better self-awareness through experiential learning.  We help our clients discover team strengths and how best to optimize these strengths to develop a more cohesive and operationally effective team.