Christine and Diane offer us rich and lively training! They are excellent in every way! You will recognize as many human qualities as benevolence, presence, and humour as well as a great sense of professionalism which translates into well-orchestrated and well-paced experiential training. I recommend their services with great enthusiasm!

Rita Ricignuolo, Coach and Certified professional teacher in NLP and Trainer

What a rewarding experience I had during the DIAKI workshop! It’s a great team, they were able to bring us into a space of trust, give us an extraordinary experience by sharing their fascinating history, with surprising practical exercises. I really recommend them!

Julie Dessureault , L’Ange du Kodak & Coach en transformation de Rose aux joues

This training is, quite simply, a gift for you! It is incredibly powerful to take a moment to learn to recognize yourself and to recognize your strengths. The most beautiful recognition of our life is knowing how to recognize ourselves for the beautiful person that we are. Thank you for your presence, your kindness and your energy. I recommend this training to all women and young women.

Julie Roy, NLP Coach and Social Work Technician

Christine’s professionalism, compassion, and her ability to motivate me helped me extensively. As a coach, she guided me through concerns using several techniques and offered tools and resources that have been valuable to me. My husband said that I was always in a better frame of mind after a session with her. Thank-you for your support and care to a better me! 

Linda L., Veteran

Throughout my personal journey, I seem to meet my guardian angels when I need them and DIAKI was one who I needed at this time in my life. Each time I had a session with Christine, I had a breakthrough. Her processes, questions, and how she related to me what I needed each time was inspiring and insightful. If you ever feel stuck or looking for what’s next, DIAKI will be a guiding light for you! Thank you so much!

Alana C., Canadian Armed Forces

Diane’s passion, vulnerability / honesty, and open sharing of so much great experience in leadership is what makes the course.

Ruth Gmehlin, Co-Founder and Partner, Trillium Teams

Diane showed an excellent level of knowledge and passion in the topic of leadership. She created a good rapport and positive interaction among participants. The course covered a broad scope of comprehensive material including summaries and a follow-up message. A variety of tools and media including video, discussion and written text-maintained interest; group exercises were interesting, useful and relevant; self-assessment questions gave good opportunity to reflect and better understand leadership skills.

Nicola M., Department of National Defence

Very high level professionals. I recommend them with confidence.

Monique Demers, Director of DIDACTIA Formation