What is Psychological Safety

Creating psychological safety isn’t just a concept; it’s a tangible environment where individuals feel secure to take interpersonal risks. It’s about fostering a workplace where expressing ideas, taking creative initiative, and being authentic are not only encouraged but celebrated. Achieving this level of safety requires building trust, promoting open communication, and establishing a culture of mutual respect. It’s not just a goal; it’s a commitment to individual well-being, teamwork, and the ultimate success of the organization. Ready to take the next step? 

Measuring Psychological Safety

Establishing the Baseline for Sustainable Workplace Well-being


With heartfelt gratitude, we stand as one of the rare bilingual consulting firms in Canada, proudly certified by Dr. Timothy Clark. Having access to his invaluable knowledge, we perpetually strive for excellence, ensuring we keep learning with the best. 

  • Dr Clark is an organizational anthropologist. He pioneered the field of data-driven cultural transformation and ranks as a global authority in senior executive development.  
  • LeaderFactor equips DIAKI, in fact, all our clients with the comprehensive resources needed for establishing and maintaining psychological safety.   
  • The Team Survey on Psychological Safety Measure and Improve  
  1. Inclusion 
  2. Learning  
  3. Performance 
  4. Candor 
  • The survey is conduct at the team level where the cultural impact is happening. There are 12 rapid responses items & 4 open response questions, it only take 5 minutes and you get actionable data.


Next Steps 

  • Compare your teams against global benchmarks 
  • See which variables influence psychological safety the most 
  • Keep leaders and team members accountable 

Looking for more info about Psychological Safety

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