Included in all workshops, (Leadership, Team Mobilization, Career Transition and Career Inspiration for Students) each participant benefits from a personalized one-on-one coaching session to consolidate and encourage further reflection on the learnings and the practical tools discovered.

Individual Coaching Sessions

Today’s professional and personal demands are more complex than ever. As leaders, you want the best for your team members to strive and to reach their full potential. Why not offer them personalized coaching sessions to take them to the next level?


A personalized coaching session is beneficial to those who are ready and willing to:

DIAKI’s personalized coaching sessions support your people in their development as leaders, team members and professionals who are seeking to take their game to the next level. Respectful listening, guidance and passion to leave a positive impact is what clients have come to expect of a DIAKI’s virtual or live coaching sessions. In the end, participants benefit from a crystal-clear view of the way ahead as weights are taken off their shoulders.


Our coaching sessions are offered by a Professional Certified Coach with the following credentials:

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