Giving back

With our long history in uniform and a tradition of service, we support serving and past members of the Canadian Armed Forces.  To help support this community, we are dedicated members of and support some great causes and organizations:

The Women’s Mentoring Network

The Réseau Athena Network

Coach and Coordinator for the Transition Lifeshops


DIAKI’s support

We’ve been there, walked miles in your boots and got many T-shirts!

We’ve been in the military, been military spouses during deployment, have raised military children and we understand that military life can be chaotic and full of challenges, but more importantly fun and adventurous!

We have built a toolbox that can support you. Ask us how.


Buy Veteran

Whenever possible, we support veteran-run businesses for private and business needs.

Beyond assisting veterans, DIAKI is also a member of the Canadian #BuyVeteran community.
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Find out how we can support you as a veteran or military member