The Discovery Path

Combining 60+ years of leadership experience across multiple sectors, we have led teams all over the world in challenging environments:

whether at home or abroad (is there really any difference?),

as Women in a Male dominated environment,

as Military Officers working in war zones including Bosnia and Afghanistan,

as Special Forces Support Specialists where we had the privilege to directly support extremely high-readiness and precise operations.

We have overcome all of these challenges by doing the most stimulating and rewarding job of our lives, parenting!

We understand individual differences and as leaders, we know how to enhance these differences to foster operationally focused, diverse teams that can accomplish their mission, even in the most austere and difficult circumstances.

Our experience and expertise have inspired us to create an integrated approach, DELTA, in order to help our clients to develop their full potential, increasing their self-confidence as leaders and strengthening their own competencies.

Our DELTA approach is the basis of the experiential learning process we use.


DELTA Approach



We offer the opportunity for our clients to take a moment from their busy lives to pause and reflect on their leadership abilities.

In a friendly environment, our clients discover their leadership profiles and teammate profiles through a behavioural assessment and other self-awareness activities.

Our clients benefit from past, present and peer experiences. They have the opportunity to put what they’ve learned into practice right away, live it and test it for themselves.

Through follow-ups, we assist our clients to become more self-aware of their discoveries and the new knowledge they’ve learned. This, in turn, can trigger another DELTA process where new discoveries are made.

The goal of this process is for each participant to experience their own “AHA!” moment and to leave with a new understanding of their leadership ability.