What Is The NOVA Profile™

We use the behavioural assessment tool ‘The NOVA Profile™’ as a self-discovery tool for our leadership, career, and team mobilization workshops as well as for our coaching sessions.


The NOVA Profile is a personal and professional validated development tool that measures:

The NOVA Profile’s Optimal Efficiency

The NOVA Concept is an optimal efficiency method to:


Know yourself better


Know and understand others better


Better interact, in accordance with, self, others and the situation

Legend: Me (M), Others (O), Situation (S)

The NOVA Profile synthesizes three of the most striking studies on human behaviour patterns:

Information gained with the NOVA Profile™

How and why is a person:


What is a person’s style in terms of:


What is a person’s:


There are several profiles available for multiple applications such as:


The assessment is available online, takes only 15 minutes to answer and generates a report of up to 40 pages (the questionnaire is available in five languages: French, English, German, Spanish, and Arabic).

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